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Technical Editing & Writing Solutions Overview 877.726.3243 Your products are high-quality, shouldn't your documentation be too? Like many manufacturers, your organization develops and builds products that deliver value to customers. But is your documentation as professional as your products? At Rand 3D, we have internal access to our company's curriculum development division, ASCENT, and together we can help your organization clearly communicate key product information to both end users and internal audiences. The result is increased customer satisfaction and enhanced support for your brand. Our solutions are a good fit for your organization if you experience any of the following: ► Your existing documentation is unclear. When documentation is produced outside North America, it often needs editing to address typographical errors and to clarify concepts for English-speaking audiences. In other cases, documentation may lack the 3D models, charts, diagrams, illustrations, and animations that help convey concepts more clearly. ► Your organization faces resource constraints. Perhaps you have tight deadlines for documentation and in-house writers are unavailable. ► Confusing documentation is leading to customer dissatisfaction. When documentation is inconsistent or confusing, it often results in a high volume of support calls or even worse, product returns and lost business. ► Inadequate training content makes it difficult for employees to support your products. Best-in-class manufacturers ensure that their employees have the resources needed to provide outstanding service and customer support. However, many organizations struggle to document best practice methodologies and create clear knowledgebase content. We specialize in proofreading, editing, and complete authoring of documents such as: ► Product specifications ► User & installation guides ► Quick reference cards ► Standard operating procedures ► Software and online help documentation ► Flowcharts, diagrams, and illustrations ► Marketing communications ► Instructional animations ► Interactive tutorials and user quizzes ► eLearning content (including design, hosting and implementation)

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