Creo Parametric 5.0 Tip- Information About Material Parameters

By Natasha Reaves


In Creo Parametric, you can create and modify material data using the Materials and Material Definition dialog boxes, which are shown here respectively.

Image1_Materials dialog box       Image2_Material Def dialog box

Material data can be saved to the model or saved to material data files. Material data files have a .mtl extension and are stored in the material library directory.

The User defined tab, which can be found in both the Materials dialog box and the Material Definition dialog box) can be used to define user-defined material parameters. All other parameter values that you define are stored as reserved parameters. Creo Parametric will not allow you to define a user-defined parameter that has the same name as a reserved parameter.

Additional noteworthy points about material parameters are

  • You can use the material parameter values in relations.
  • You can not designate material parameters, except the PTC_MATERIAL_NAME parameter.
  • You can assig materials to family table instances by adding the PTC_MATERIAL_NAME parameter to the family table.


Additional information about assigning material to a model, creating relations, and family tables can be found in our Introduction to Solid Modeling, Advanced Part Design, and Advanced Assembly Design and Management courses.





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