What’s new in Creo Parametric 5.0: Automatic Simplified Representations

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By Natasha Reaves


In Creo Parametric 5.0, simplified representations have been enhanced by reducing the multiple predefined representations down to the Automatic Representation. In an Automatic Representation, the minimum required data is retrieved for presenting the assembly as fast as possible and in the most accurate way. Creo determines what data is required based on user actions. For example, only assembly components included in the representation are retrieved in an automatic representation, and all other excluded components remain excluded.

Simplified representations created prior to Creo Parametric 4.0 are obsolete. But you can control the presence of simplified representations from earlier versions of the software using the configuration file option hide_pre_creo4_reps. The values for this configuration option are as follows:

  • yes – hides all simplified representations created in Creo Parametric 3.0 and earlier versions, except for Exclude simplified representations. When you open a model, the model opens by default as an Automatic representation.


  • no – maintains all simplified representations for Creo Parametric 3.0 and earlier versions.


  • maintain_master* – hides all simplified representations for Creo Parametric 3.0 and earlier versions, except for Master and Exclude simplified representations.

(FOOTNOTE: * indicates a default value setting)



Additional information about simplified representations can be found in our Creo Parametric: Advanced Assembly Design and Management course.

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