What’s new in Creo Parametric 5.0- Volume Helical Sweep Tool

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By Natasha Reaves


The Volume Helical Sweep form enables you to create an accurate three-dimensional geometric representation for parts that are machined with cutting tools. The Volume Helical Sweep feature only provides geometric operations to remove material.

To start the creation of the feature, expand the Sweep option in the Model tab as shown.

Image1- ribbon showing VHS tool

From the Volume Helical Sweep dashboard, you can define and control the parameters of the helical trajectory.

Image2- VHS dashboard

Also, you can select, create, or edit the 2D section that defines the cutting tool, and control the feature dimensions. Notably, the section that defines the cutting tool may only contain lines and arcs creating a convex shape.

The benefit of the new Volume Helical Sweep tool is that you can accurately model geometry that results from cutting tools used in manufacturing operations.  An example use scenario is the grinding wheel where the sweep is performed along a helical curve. In this case the cutting tool is represented by an axis-asymmetric shape defined by a revolved section. Angular adjustment of the grinding wheel can be entered for rotation around the X- and Z- axes. From the Volume Helical Sweep tab, you can turn on the display of the sweep frame and revolve cut. You can drag the 3D cutting tool visualization along the sweep trajectory to visualize and understand the feature’s movement and orientation.

Image3- VHS feature

Upon completion of the feature, this shape tool will remove material where it interests the part along its trajectory.


Additional information about the other Creo feature form options in the Model tab can be found in our Introduction to Solid Modeling and Advanced Part Design courses.

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