Creo Parametric 3.0 Tip - How to Convert a Real Number Parameter to an Integer

Tyler Griffin

By: Tyler Griffin

First, go to Tools>Parameters and create your real number parameter and your integer parameter.  Click on the + to create a new parameter and click on the drop down menu in the type column to set the types. 


Then specify a value of 1 for the integer parameter.  Close your parameters and open your relations (Tools>Relations).  Type the following:

int = floor(real)

where int is the name of your integer parameter and real is the name of your real number parameter.  If you want the result rounded type this instead:

integer = floor(real + .5)



Then click ok and regenerate your part.

Once regenerated, open back up your parameters or relations and you will see that your integer parameter is populated as you specified and is still set to the integer type.


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