Creo Parametric Tip: The Setting that Prevents Sketcher from Zooming Out When You Rotate the Sketch

Rand 3D


By Natasha Reaves


One of my students recently asked me about this topic in the Creo class I was teaching, so I wanted to share with everyone in case it can help someone else!

If every time when you edit and regenerate a dimension in a sketch the image is zoomed out - often to a point where  Refit icon  (Refit) does not bring the sketch back to the center of the screen, consider changing the environment default configuration option sketcher_refit_after_dim_modify.

When set to yes*, the configuration option sketcher_refit_after_dim_modify refits the two-dimensional section after dimension modification or when creating the first feature. The default value of this option is yes*.

Change this value to No to prevent the screen from zooming out after you modify a sketch dimension value.



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