Save Management Explained for CATIA V5 Users || Watch this short video to ensure you're saving files correctly within CATIA V5. One important thing to keep in mind when working with product files in CATIA is that the software can be utilizing and modifying several files even with only one window opened. You typically receive that above error when you have opened a product file, but the part files that comprise the product file have not also been sent with the product. The save management function will help you visualize which files to save because it displays an itemized list of every file being used at the time. You are able to systematically go down the list, choosing which items to save. This will make sure that all associative files are saved along with the product, and you can also quickly make duplicate files. To explain how this works, I will be stepping you through an example where I create two new part files and place those part files into a product file.

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