Generative Shape Design: Using the Sphere Command

Hello everyone, in this short video we’re going to show off the sphere command. This is a really easy command- blink and you’ll miss it! We need to start off with a point, so you’ll need to make one, or have one in your design space. The hardest part of the sphere command is finding it. Hint: it’s in the extrude flyout. Once you’re in the sphere dialogue box, you can select the point and enter the desired radius. We can see a preview of a partial sphere, centered on our selected point. We can change the partial sphere by entering angle values to get the desired shape, or we can drag the arrow. If a complete sphere is what you’re after, just click on the create whole sphere button. It’s just that easy! From there you can either use thick surface or close solid to turn this into a part body. Watch the short video below as I demonstrate this for you.

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Technical Training Engineer<br><br>Joshua is a resident instructor for a large automotive OEM, working out of their Advanced Development Center. He implements customer specific training and brings eight years of industry experience to his classes. Joshua’s areas of expertise include Advanced Part and Generative Shape Design, VPM Navigator and Generative Drafting.

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