CATIA Drafting Tip: Displaying View Axis in Drawing Views

Rand 3D

By Trisha West


The default installation of CATIA V5 has the view axis displayed turned on in drawing views. This means that in the active view, there is a blue horizontal and vertical axis that is displayed and always aligned to the part’s origin location (or assembly). Depending on how a company designs their parts, this could mean that you have a part’s location far away from the part origin. This will cause your view frame is be overly large, which many (including myself) find annoying.

View Axis Display Image 1

View Axis Display Image 2

To turn this option off, simply find the option in your internal settings of CATIA using Tools --> Options to get started.

View Axis Display Image 3

View Axis Display Image 4

More information about this topic is found in the Rand 3D training class, CATIA Generative Drafting.

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