Creating Specialized Human Forms in CATIA V5

The human builder workbench in CATIA provides a way to model human forms based upon standard percentages. These percentages are built on the measurements and proportions of different human populations.  There may be times, however, where the user would like to create specialized human forms. One example would be to simulate a pregnant woman. The license required to do this is the Human Measurements Editor (HME). With the HME licenses obtained, you can switch to the Human Measurements Editor workbench from the Start menu, then click on the manikin from the specification tree.

Human Measurements Picture 1
For this model, I am starting with a female manikin set to represent 50% of the population.  To start, click on the “Displays a variable list.” This dialogue box displays the different manikin segment measurements that you can manipulate. These are also displayed on the manikin in yellow arrows. To see them all, you may need to switch to a different standing viewpoint of the manikin. You can do this using the “Applies a standing posture” fly out menu.

Human Measurements Picture 2

Human Measurements Picture 3
From the manikin’s front view, you can change 16 different segments. I am going to change three in the model; chest, waist, and hip breadth. The automatic mode represents the segment length associated with whatever percentile of the population the manikin is currently set to. Click directly on the name of the segments or the yellow arrows, and change the management to “manual.” Once set to manual mode, you can adjust either the percentage value or the length value.

Human Measurements Picture 4

Human Measurements Picture 5

 Here is the final manikin with those three segments set to 95%.
Human Measurements Picture 6


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