Reuse Existing Parts with the help of EXALEAD OnePart

According to research by leading consulting organization, Arthur D. Little, “up to 80% of the work done in an engineering department is identical or very similar to work done previously.” But it doesn't have to be. The real question is: where is this work being wasted? Answer: in the creation of duplicate parts. Avoid this creation of duplicate parts and reclaim this lost time! OnePart from EXALEAD can help solve this problem: • The primary value of OnePart is increasing the reuse of existing parts through searching by both shape and data, resulting in significant cost savings and increased engineering capacity • OnePart reduces the volatility of engineering development work, enabling engineers to reuse existing parts, which avoids issues related to new part development • OnePart is a solution that connects to different corporate enterprise systems in addition to CAD and PLM Watch this video to see EXALEAD's OnePart in action, and contact a Rand 3D representative to purchase this time-saving application. Toll Free: 1.877.726.3243 Ext. 4338

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