Advanced Laws in CATIA Kinematics

Learn about the use of laws to simulate motion using a single parameter, i.e. the time. While the use of the sketch-based laws is relatively well understood by CATIA engineers working with kinematics, this webinar specifically focuses on using equation-based laws, in which the motion is described by a mathematical equation rather than by a sketched curve.

Learn to:

• Create sketch-based laws
• Create equation-based laws
• Simulate motion with laws
• Obtain time-dependent quantities, such as velocities and accelerations

If you are a CATIA engineer who wants to get the most out of CATIA Kinematics capabilities, this video is for you.

About the Author

Iouri Apanovitch

Senior Technical Training Engineer<br><br>His primary area of expertise is product analysis and simulation with FEA tools such as SIMULIA/Abaqus, Autodesk Simulation, Mechanica, including linear and non-linear simulations, dynamics, fatigue, and analysis of laminated composites.

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