CATIA Tip: Sketcher - Drag for Arc

We’re back with another Quick Tip in a Minute or Less. This time, we’ll pop back into sketcher. The Profile tool is a great way to draw a lot of connected lines and arcs all together. Having to pick the arcs from the Sketch Tools can get a little old.

You can see the redundancy in the video below as I pick the Tangent Arc button repeatedly.

No worries, there’s an easy way to get an arc while drawing. Instead of clicking as you finish the last point on a line, instead drag the mouse. You’ll see a little selection box pop up on the screen – this is a sign you’re doing it right. Then when you let go, voila! You’ll have a tangent arc and can keep drawing without sliding your mouse all over the screen.

As always, hang around for a future installment of CATIA Tips in a Minute or Less. Or, find more info in the CATIA V5: Intro to Modeling class.

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