5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Embrace Training

November 30, 2021

Designers and engineers are highly motivated to come up with solutions to complex problems. In order to do this most effectively, it’s important for them to upgrade their skills on tools that support their activities. Software is ever-changing, and users must continue to learn new features and workflows to improve their proficiency. As a manager, how do you get employees to embrace training?

Here are 5 ways:

  1. Offer classes relevant to their job. Nothing zaps energy more than sitting through irrelevant lessons or classes designed for people with different skill levels. Make sure the classes they take will help them with their current project or prepare them for an upcoming one by assigning custom Learning Paths for each employee based on their needs.
  2. Let them decide when to train. Your employees are more likely to enter a class with a positive attitude if it occurs at a time convenient for them. Worrying about tasks on a to-do list will interfere with learning.
  3. Let them decide how to train. Some employees like to take classes in small doses; some like to power through. Some prefer to dig deep into a document, while others like to watch videos. Individuals retain more information when the training method aligns with their preferred learning style.
  4. Simplify the process. Sometimes a person needs a quick answer to a workflow question. At other times they might need a comprehensive lesson on a software used by a client. Eliminate frustrations by making it easy for them to find exactly what they need.
  5. Make it easy for users to show their training progress to their manager.  Project managers should have easy access to a dashboard with information about each team member’s training progress to encourage completion and keep the entire team on track without having to ask each individual learner how they are progressing.

Rand 3D’s ProductivityNOW platform does all this and more!

ProductivityNOW is a complete eLearning platform used by high-performing organizations to maximize the proficiency, productivity, and potential of their software users. The platform provides on-demand access to hundreds of self-paced classes on CATIA and Creo software as well as online training videos, how-to documents, and other resources.

“Our engineers use the eLearning tools and support available through ProductivityNOW to help them stay focused on projects instead of the software. The eLearning technology is easy to learn, use, administer, and the support team is invaluable.” - Melinda Melinda Chase, Project Engineer, Hammontree & Associates

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