CATIA Tip: Circle Dimensions on Drawings

February 3, 2021 Scott Henderson

It’s time for another CATIA Tip in a Minute or Less. Today’s tip is a little more specific. This time, we’re looking at adding dimensions in the Drafting workbench. Specifically, we’re taking a peek at an issue that pops up time-to-time when manually creating length dimensions between arcs.

In the scenario below, our goal is to create a width dimension from the left arc to the right arc. You can see that CATIA decides the best way to handle this is to dimension between the center points of each arc instead.


To help redirect this dimension to the correct location, we’ve got to move the yellow anchor points. What’s the catch? If you try to pick one, it’ll leap out of the way of your mouse cursor and hide! Solution: Hold <CTRL> on the keyboard. While holding down the <CTRL> key, we’re able to click and drag those yellow diamonds to any of the alternative locations with blue X shapes.

If we need to take this a step further, within Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > Dimension, setting “By default, create dimensions on circle’s” to “Edge” will take care of this in a more permanent fashion.

Hope you found today’s CATIA Tip in a Minute or Less to be useful (if not just interesting). Need some more info on Drafting? Check out the CATIA V5: Generative Drafting class. Otherwise, there’ll be another installment of CATIA Tips in a Minute or Less in the future!

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