5 Reasons to Make ProductivityNOW Your One-Stop-Shop for Online Training

December 10, 2021 Kareen Eckersley

Your engineers, designers, and CAD power users have many options for getting information about the CAD software they use or need to use. But how do you know they are getting the right information in the most efficient manner? Don’t risk employee and customer satisfaction issues that can result from bad data or delays.

Trust Rand 3D’s ProductivityNOW eLearning solution.

ProductivityNOW is a one-stop-shop for CAD eLearning,  used by high-performing organizations to maximize the proficiency, productivity, and potential of their people. It delivers on-demand access to hundreds of self-paced CATIA and Creo classes and includes online training videos, tips and tricks from expert instructors, recorded webinars, and other resources.

With ProductivityNOW, enjoy all these benefits:

  1. Better accuracy. Whether a new team member needs an in-depth course on the software, or an experienced user needs an answer to a specific workflow question, they will have quick access to expert information. No more searching Google or YouTube and hoping for the best!
  2. More innovative designs. Software manufacturers are always adding new features that allow users to work smarter and faster. Users who stay on top of software tips, tricks, and regular enhancements can use them to create more advanced designs, than those who follow comfortable, familiar routines.
  3. Cost effectiveness. Online training is available 24/7 and can be taken around billable projects, reducing expensive downtime. It also eliminates costly travel expenses.
  4. Increased employee retention. Studies show that people are more loyal to an employer that invests in their professional development. Give them access to the information they want, when and how they need it, so they can do a better job today and prepare for career advancements.
  5. More wins. All the benefits above lead to a consistent team of happy employees delivering better results in a shorter amount of time. These factors contribute to a strong reputation, which leads to winning more business.

“Within just a two-month period, [our employees] had taken enough classes to completely refund the annual [ProductivityNOW] investment,” said Murray Clack, CAD Systems Coordinator, CBCL. “To date, they have exceeded 425 courses which, if taken through traditional training methods, would have been impossible to fund due the budget required.”

Contact us for more information and for a demonstration of the ProductivityNOW platform.

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