CATIA Tip: Multi-Pad

January 20, 2021 Scott Henderson

We’ve all been there. We draw a sketch. Then, we Pad it. Then we draw another sketch on top of it. Then we Pad the new sketch. Then, we draw another sketch on top of that one. Then, we even go and Pad it. Why triple our sketches and triple our work?

Below, I’m building a link with some reinforcements around its holes. Now, the standard approach is to build three Sketches and three Pads, then maybe toss in some Holes or Pockets. Since each sketch is different, you may have to pay close attention to how things are constrained to make sure everything updates correctly. There’s nothing really wrong with doing it this way, but we can be more efficient.


Enter the Multi-Pad. Dig into the flyout of the Pad command to find this one.

With the Multi-Pad, I’m able to draw all of the shapes in a single sketch and let them naturally snap to each other so it’s easier to build. And after that, I only need to build a single feature, making a much cleaner model. Choose a “domain” (an area of the sketch), enter a value, and thicken just that area. Add some fillets and drafts and this thing is complete!

One note on this one: The shapes in the sketch cannot overlap in order for the Multi-Pad to work.

You can find Multi-Pads and other multi-profile methods in the CATIA V5: Advanced Part Design class. In the meantime, check back for more CATIA Tips in a Minute or Less!

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