CATIA Tip: Building Threads in CATIA V5

January 27, 2022 Scott Henderson

Need a thread, but the Thread/Tap command just won’t do the trick?


Needles Not Necessary

Perhaps you’re building a hole, or maybe drawing a bolt or a nut. The 3D geometry is finished and the shape looks great, except it’s missing a key detail: No threads! In this post, we’ll look at a couple of ways to add threads to our 3D model, but we’ll primarily focus on manually building them.

It’s in the Name

Option one (and likely the easiest) is to use the Thread/Tap command (). This is usually the place to start: Afterall, it’s got thread right there in the name!

You can also add a Thread when building a hole by heading to the Thread Definition tab and enabling the “Threaded” option near the top. The settings are identical.